December 27, 2022
Solomou 69, Moschato, Athens,GR
Time: 21:30
Venue: Level 69
Address: Solomou 69, Moschato
Zipcode: 18345
State: Attika
Country: Greece
Phone: + 30 210 482 6969

The musical group “Alexandros & Ta Astika Kavoukia” was founded in May 2014 for the presentation of the 1st album titled “Paramythasty” with music, lyrics and main vocals by Alexandros Koufadakis and orchestration, mixing and production by Vangelis Houvardas. After 5 years (2019) the band regrouped and reactivated with a more rock sound and mood, while it now also collaborates with MelonMusic through which some of the band’s new tracks have been published. Caustic, humorous and theatrical lyrics are what characterize their pieces, while they sometimes include some arrangements of well-known pieces in their program, with their own musical style.