Alexandros Hatzis was born to a German mother Ursula von Jordis in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Although he believes that the artist is basically born and not made, he is of the opinion that he must improve and develop his abilities without interfering with the DNA of his talent.
He already had this development help from his father, the well-known Greek performer, music composer and poet Kostas Hatzis, but in addition he attended vocal and breathing seminars from the great professor of monody – melodramatic – Byzantine Music, Thanasis Arabatzis.

In 1991 he decided to dedicate himself to music and singing, making his first appearance alongside his father, at summer concerts performing gypsy songs, thus gaining the public’s attention for the first time. In 1992 he released his first album with his father’s music entitled “Alexandros sings Kostas Hatzis” where the song “Zitas na fygo” with lyrics by Elias Zervos, in which Sofia Vossou also took part in the performance, was a particular success.

In the winter of 1994 comes his second big collaboration, with Marinela at the REX theater which gives him a second and important push at the beginning of his career and at the same time his second album entitled ¨Alli Opsi¨ is released with his own songs and Cyprus Charalambous, and lyrics by Elias Zervos. What stands out from the album is the arrangement of Giorgos Stavrianou’s song “Ti na to kamion to fili”, with lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou.

In 1995 comes his third great collaboration with Tolis Voskopoulos, thus getting to know another side of the interpretation of the song. A little later he completes his third album by performing the “13 ROCK stories” of the composer Nikos Papakostas.

There are other careful and faithful to the quality that accompanies the Hatzis name recording works, in which he has participated as a key contributor, such as the music composed by the composer and arranger Petros Tambouris in the ¨Dodekalogo of Gyftos¨ by our National Poet Kostis Palamas. His latest work is the tribute to the great poet Constantinos Cavafy, set to music by Yannis Petritsis, which was presented with complete success at the Athens Concert Hall in February, with Grigoris Valtinos, Katia Dandoulakis, Michalis Kakoyannis performing with him.

In January 2005, he released, with MELON MUSIC, a maxi single entitled ”I can still stand it…” which includes 5 songs, 2 of which are arrangements of older songs by Kostas Hatzis.

Since 2000, she has turned her attention to the field of theater, not as an actor of course, but as a performer or composer, writing music for children’s theater. In 2004, he accepted the honorary invitation from the troupe leader Vangelis Levidas to collaborate with the great Greek Musician Mikis Theodorakis in the musical theater performance entitled: “Mikis Theodorakis. A life…Greece” in the summer PARK theater as well as in the winter in the “VEBO” Theater, entering the Theater stage for the first time, collaborating with great actors.

In 2006 in Athens at the “Topos Allou..” theater he took over the musical supervision of the play “Sorry…Mama” with the great and acclaimed actress Kaiti Papanikas written and directed by Giorgos Vassiliadis and performed the songs on stage. The show was a success both in Thessaloniki and in the countryside.

In June of the same year, he wrote music for the theater performance of the commedia dell’arte “THE MASK” written by Leticia Moustaki and directed by Marinos Vourdamis, which was presented with great success at the theater “Volanakis” by Mimi Denisis.

In the next recording plans they include a ready-made production with new songs in gypsy rumba rhythms.

Alexandros Hatzis continues his wanderings in song with performances in Theaters and concerts in Greece and abroad participating in ethnic festivals where he presents his special ROM culture with his unique gypsy temperament.