Born in Patras in the 70s

He started playing music at the age of 10. The first contact came with music through the guitar.

His great love much later was singing, where he followed it with purely popular sounds, thus shaping his own style in his interpretative skill.

His concerns for folk and quality singing started timidly from small venues and later on the big accredited circuits of the night circuits.

In 1989 he acquired musical knowledge, with a degree in music. He has collaborated with many famous and unfamous artists, such as Yiannis Dounias, Lefteris Mytilinaios, Antonis Vardis, Filippos Nikolaou, Lena Alkaiou, Michalis Violaris, Akis Deiximos and others. marking a remarkable path in the field of singing and now full of experience, colors and aromas in the interpretation of folk songs, he prepared his first recording work entitled “ftais” with lyrics and music by Theodoros Georgopoulos.

He is a member of the Union of Singers of Greece, Principal performer in the symphonic folk orchestra “En-chordo” and one of the three performers of the folk orchestra “Sfendona”.

Dimítris Dimópoulos