She was born in Athens on December 27, 1957, originally from Northern Epirus on her father’s side, while her mother was from Asia Minor. Her family was poor and folk, but they loved singing and music.

She started her career at the Athens Conservatory and after the mediation of family friend Dimitris Horn, she met Manos Hatzidakis and took part in an event of the Third Program at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, where she sang anecdotal songs by Dimitris Lekkas.

This was followed by the signing of a contract with the record company MINOS. In 1981 she won the 1st prize of the 20th Thessaloniki Festival with a song of Sasha Manetas “Mia agápi san ki aftí”.

She has many successful television and other appearances to her credit. Her 1987 “Prosopika” album, with songs by G. Spanos, as well as the song “I don’t believe” with lyrics and music by Michalis Rakintzis, surpassed 100,000 copies and went “platinum”, as did the album with songs by Lakis Papadopoulos “Katá váthos alepoú” (1986), which sold more than 80,000 copies, while her albums “Antithéseis” (1989), “Kaneís den eínai kanenós” (1990), “Mia zoí den ftánei” (1991) and “I zoí eínai gynaíka” (1993) went gold.

She continues her successful career to date. Working with old & young renown composers and lyricists, performing in live concerts and TV.