Fanis Mezinis was born on January 7, 1960 in Chiliomodi, Corinth.
The singer made his first record appearance in 1991, on the album “«Gi’ aftó sou léo páme” by Giorgos Hatzinassios – Stefanos Korkolis from the live recording of their program at Taboo. He collaborated with several important artists and creators of his generation.
His first personal record was released in 1995 with the title “Sóma ypotagís”, from which the song of the same title by Alekos Charalambidis and Filippos Grapsas, was very successful and established Fanis Mezinis as one of the most important voices of his generation.
This was followed, in 1996, by his participation in the double album “Sto drómo tou Mími Pléssa” and in Dimitris Mitropanos’ album “Zoom 96 – Zontaní ichográfisi”… But also his second personal album “Stin epochí ton lýkon” in the same year.
The third personal album is released in 2000 with the title “Ta blouz ta laïká” with music and lyrics by Stamatis Kraounakis from which the song “Panepistímio” stands out and also becomes a great radio hit.
Nine years later, in 2009, “Ypokatástato” is released, where the music and lyrics of most of the songs are signed respectively by Thanos Georgoulas and Tasos Vougiatzis. Three songs are by Fanis Mezinis himself, two of them with lyrics by Maria Goula.
In 2014 he returns with the CD “I apénanti óchthi”, with music by Takis Soukas, where Pitsa Papadopoulou also participates, in the duet “Ántexé me”, with lyrics by Litsa Arhontas.
In 2017, Fanis Mezinis participated in Sakis Tsilikis – Panos Tsiros album “Akróasi”, with the song “Xepoúlima”.