Giorgos Loukakis comes from the heroic village of Rodakino in the south-west side of the prefecture of Rethymno. A village that has contributed a lot to the struggles against the conquerors of Crete, but also people of letters and science in society. Giorgos Loukakis is therefore proud of this root and at every opportunity he visits the village where he has relatives and friends. He was born and raised in Athens while living in Malia, Heraklion, where he runs a successful hotel unit with his brother. From an early age he was involved in music, learning various instruments, mainly the bouzouki, the tzura and the laguto. He participated in music groups and appeared in small venues without making a living from music but having a course parallel to his involvement in tourism.
In this long journey, music has always been his port in moments of emotional charge, in moments of creative estrus, the source of which are joys, sorrows, nature, love and more. He usually picks up the island lagouto, which has a different tuning from the Cretan one, and on top of that, while reading the verse, he looks for the beautiful images that travel him so that he can effortlessly create beautiful melodies. Quality is the primary factor for what he writes without aiming for commercial success, knowing that the duration and durability of each song is what is at stake. He meets great musicians and lyricists with whom he maintains an excellent relationship because, in addition to being a successful musician and creator, Giorgos Loukakis is a charismatic person who is distinguished by kindness, courtesy and culture.
He regularly participates in the  “Nyktón kai Toxotón Orgánon (Fingered and Bowed String Instruments)” orchestra under the conductor the great musician Michalis Marakomichelakis performing all over Crete but also in other cities such as Thessaloniki where last year they were invited to cultural events of the municipality.
George Loukakis has collaborated with great musicians and performers such as Vassilis Skoulas, Pantelis Thalassinos, Michalis Alefantinos, Charalambos Garganourakis, Michalis Kakepis, Achilleas Dramudanis, Yiannis Loulakis, Pantelis Saloustros, Tassos Pavlidis, George Antonogiannakis, Antonis Charitakis, Michalis Kleanthis, Katerina Garganouraki, Evita Saloustrou, Pelagia Rodousaki and others. He has also collaborated with lyricists such as Sarantis Alivizatos, Nikos Kampanos, Korina Koukourakis, Christina Kalogeropoulou, Giorgos Mavrakis, Yiannis Georgiou, Manolis Sfyrakis, Giorgos Kanelakis, Giorgos Sifakis (Simisakogiorgis), while in some songs lyrics are written by himself. You can search for his songs on Youtube by simply typing his name and the artist’s name. In some of them you will travel in addition to the melody, the lyrics and the interpretation, through the wonderful video clips signed by the meter of the genre Periklis Moscholakis.
George Loukakis is a modest artist with great sensitivity who considers himself happy and lucky and thanks God because he has a very beautiful family that supports him in everything he does. His wonderful wife, but also his beautiful daughter, as he states, are strict judges of his musical creations, while his son Nikos is already following his path and accompanies him on his musical journeys, for now only in the groups they do privately . I think that Giorgos Loukakis has a lot more to give to the music of Crete and not only, because in this era we live there are too many stimuli for a creator who aims for quality.

By Giorgos Sifakis (Simisakogiorgis).