He was born in Hanover, then West Germany. His first contact with music was his mother’s records and the piano lessons he took until high school, where he discovered that the classical conservatory did not suit him. Then he decided to become a guitarist and play in a school band. From the first moment he tried to imitate the playing of musicians he admired such as George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, J.J.Cale, etc. Although he never stopped playing in bands, he did not pursue music professionally. After school he still hadn’t decided what he wanted to do and after vacillating between different schools and occupations, he studied economics.

Some recording attempts made in the early 90s with his then group “Blowing Free” did not bear fruit and he had to wait until the summer of 2004 for his first record entitled “Kapos Amichana…” which was released with MELON MUSIC .

Kostas Lemonidis