Manos Georgiadis comes from Mavrodendri Kozani.
From a young age he was involved in music, learning the Pontic lyre and singing traditional Pontic songs.
At the same time, he greatly admired folk music and had a great weakness for the bouzouki, where he was finally won over by playing this particular instrument and folk music.
At the age of 13, the teacher who taught him bouzouki heard him singing by chance in an amateur video and immediately encouraged him to work on his voice.
In 2020, at the age of 18, he begins to deal with lyric writing and composition, and in 2021, he writes lyrics and music for the song “To zeïmpékiko tou Vardári”

In December 2022, he released his first work in the form of a single entitled “To zeïmpékiko tou Vardári” with Melon Music.



To zeimpekiko tou Vardari

Manos Georgiadis