Music composer, singer and producer Nikos Drimousis was born in 1966 in Piraeus and grew up in Korydallos.

In 1981, he moved with his parents to Lesbos, where since the age of 15 he has been professionally engaged in singing and playing several musical instruments.

In Lesvos he had founded 3 music schools where he himself taught music. In 1990 he returned to Athens to work with the “biggest music entertainment centers and collaborated with the biggest names” of the time.

In 1997 he moved permanently with his family to Australia.

Drimousis worked in all venues, many concerts, and tributes to Greek customs, Live Shows, music teacher, music producer, etc.

He has done recording works focused on Greece, Cyprus and foreign countries. He has his own record company, Earth Music, and has organized music competitions with the aim of preserving the Greek language.

He lives in Blakehurst, New South Wales and studied at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney.

Nikos Drimousis