Nikos Orphanidis was born and raised in Rhodes. His contact with music and singing starts from childhood. The reason was his mother, who used to sing traditional and folk songs at home all day long.
As a child he had a great love for letters and nature and although he was unable to go to school normally for financial and political reasons, he read as much as he could because his thirst for knowledge was unstoppable. He loved literature and poetry and read many writers and poets, Greek and foreign.
He was writing from a very young age while doing a bunch of other jobs to survive. His lyrics are inspired by life, whether it’s about love, social or political issues. In 2010 he starts uploading his lyrics on the internet.
In 2011, he has the first proposals for collaboration. From then until today, he has collaborated with many well-known and great artists, such as Lakis Papadopoulos, Christina Maragozi, Eleni Dimou, Alexandros Hatzis, Sofia Vossou, Giorgos Polychroniadis, Dionisis Tsaknis, Lambros Karelas, Yiannis Yokarinis, Anthippi Papailia, George Georgopoulos and others.

Nikos Orphanidis