The last singer of Manos Hadjidakis, with classical guitar and theory studies, voice lessons with Giorgos Samartzis and participation in the “Vocal Art Workshop” of Spyros Sakkas.

In 1989, he met Manos Hadjidaki who presented him for the first time in December of the same year at the concert of “Sirio” at the Palace theater. From 1989 to 1993 he participated in all the composer’s concerts, singing under his direction.

To date, he has collaborated with the Orchestra of Colors in concerts in Greece and abroad, at the Megaron Musikis and the Herodeion, in programs such as “Tribute to the Beatles”, “Ballads”, “Songs of the Aegean”, with the “Manos Hadjidakis Music Ensemble “, with the “Volos Symphony Orchestra”, with important performers, such as Maria Faradouri, Nena Venetsanou, Ilias Liugos, G. Andreatos, E. Paspalas, in a recital with Dora Bakopoulou, as well as with Miltos Logiadis – Savina Giannatou.

With the group “Omadiki Apodrasi” as composer and singer, with: Noti Mavroudis, Ludoviko of Anogeion, Ilias Liugos, Michalis Tranoudakis, Michalis Grigoriou. etc. With songwriters and singers of the younger generation, Stelios Botonakis, Maria Loukas, (in tribute to Manos Loizos), Giorgis Christodoulou, Makrina Xaderfia, Kaiti Koulias. etc

With the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki in tribute to Odysseus Elytis, with Dimitra Galani. With Tatiana Lygari and “Treno sto Rouf” she has collaborated in the musical show “Thélete déntr’ anthísete, thélete maratheíte” which was played in the Orient Express musical car of the Train-Theatre.

In 2020, he participates in the EP “My Cyprus”, with music by Thanos Benos and lyrics by Nikos Orphanidis, dedicated to the martyred island, released by MELON MUSIC.