Dionisis Maratos is a lyrical “Odysseus”. He is versatile and tackles any musical genre that piques his curiosity. If you meet him, you will be amazed by his knowledge of music and will be lost among his words and notes. He is from Patras originating from Kefalonia. He began studying classical guitar and Byzantine music at the municipal conservatory of Patras at an early age and soon joined both the local rock scene and classical vocal ensembles such as the Polyphonic of Patras.
In 2015, he formed Celéne with whom he released the metal oratorio “Natale Tenebris” and then the Gothic / Doom concept album “Reves de Novembre d’ Or” with very good reviews from hard atmospheric sound zines. Celéne have been opening acts at concerts in Patras for bands such as Firewind and Antimatter.
In 2019, he graduates from the Linio Conservatory of Patras with a degree in classical guitar. At the same time, he forms High Priest’s Incense, a unique fusion rock group with which he releases 2 EPs, “Entropia” and “Vanguard of Revolution”, and participates in various events such as Artware, Alfeios River fest, having also been the opening act for Nightstalker in Patras.
During the pandemic, he releases 2 EPs with his personal Post Rock project “Stellar Serenity”, while at the same time he writes and releases the autobiographical “Chronicle of a touch” as 2islander (stage name which is a pun on “Dionisios”).
On November 7, he released the second 2islander album entitled “Healing Transformations”, while he is also preparing the third Celéne album, while at the same time completing his doctoral thesis at the Chemistry Department of the University of Patras.