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“Healing transformations” by 2islander has been created during the pandemic quarantine and revolves thematically around healing and regeneration after fall and loss. Inevitably optimistic as post-pandemic everyday life demands, sometimes allegorical but also quite human-centric lyrically. The need for an expressive performer was met by Dora PJ who fused her blues / soul roots with alternative / indie rock, resulting in a beautifully sculpted sonic journey.
The album was recorded at Noisebox studio at Patras with Dionisis Bastas as sound engineer, Dionisis Maratos (2islander) on guitars and bass, voice on track 5 and drums, except on tracks 2, 3 & 5 where Vassilis Koutsombinas takes care of the drums, while at the end of the 5th track the voice of Spyros Papadimitropoulos can be heard.
The album “Healing Transformations” was released on November 22 by Melon Music

Tracks & Lyrics

1. Sweet Terrarium

You bathe in the light of a bright laughing sun
In sweet warmth and grace
Eyebrows move softly, the day’s just begun
A sun ray’s caress on face
Featherly clouds float on peaceful blue skies
The brightness glimpses sight
And distant birdsongs chant since the sunrise
In life’s admirable rite

So many times all this sight so far in time
Ending up in fruitless devoration
Out of the blue life always finds a way
To bring the balance and salvation
In every microcosm

Sweet terarrium
On and on you go
Ripping all through eternity
Sweet terrarium
You’re another world
Of a perfect internity

When life gets worse just get another round
When you’re hurt inside just look for stitches
The flowing light will be enough for the heart
The simplest gifts comprise true riches
To contain inside

Sweet terarrium
On and on you go
Ripping all through eternity
Sweet terrarium
You’re another world
Of a perfect enternity

2. Run Again

When the days ‘ll have a different feeling
and clean blue skies will come
When this life craves for a new meaning
and the desire to roam

on harbors the ships will honk loud and we’ll be waving back
and people will crowd on airports like travelling birds on track

When the circle becomes a spiral
that twists to the unknown
When the times of self-isolation and fear
will be long – gone

on parks and alleys people will hug once again
and music will be played around without end

Then we will run again on streets, together hand in hand
our dreams will flow like a river all across the land
while fireworks and stars will dress the sky

3, Seize the Night

I knew that the trouble had began just by staring in your eyes
maybe I should make a closer move or were they telling lies
cause the scenery was full of noise and words that sparked denies
flying in the night in calm skies a wish could just come true and bring you by my side

So come for a trip to the island of my mind
the night’s still young and full of stars that shine bright enough to light the way

so come walk down the isles of my heart
the glasses are full of wine and this groovy sound in the background gives the swinging vibe

I knew that the fire was set by the glances reflecting your sway
even though the atmosphere was muggy enough to play
you caught the movement of my eyes that’s gone astray
the floor’s aflame and the wind is right so what’s the reason not to seize the night

4. Leap of Faith

Hunting an illusion in a quest for fire
(to make you feel alive)
Like the sinner’s gaze to the object of desire
(to give a purpose to life)
Aiming for stars we dare to aspire

Prodigal sons and daughters, here we are
Drawing breath under the same old burning sun
Wasting borrowed time to climb high enough
So the leap of faith will make our landing rough
Giving the world their own pariahs to despise
Without belief that anyone from down here will arise

The journey was tough, and you got derailed
(Boozing on endless nights)
Still Pullin’ the leash on a system that’s failed
(with fiery music sounds, and lyrics bold)
Your purpose now altered and effort quelled

Life harshly went around from the top to bottom
From perfectly aligned shapes to tangled lines
Mind bedazzled , caring too much’s not an option
Meds to prevent the jump and uncovered lies


Life is now under a moral deconstruction
You had to play and lose to throw a winning dice
The sound is flowing and the words were given action
the planted seed took its time to be apprized

it’s never too early, it’s never too late
just follow the compass you made to rotate
to gather your pieces and alter your fate

5. Good Enough

In cozy mornings, plans and dreams used to be talked over
like paper boats on hourglass river flew in time
now days are passing fast conducting experiments on a lab
like grownups use to do follow the paradigm

Βut this city’s air is dull
and in the balcony at night
staring at road lights I bethink
Now we’re walking the same streets
but steps don’t seem to follow
same desired lives, Good enough

who’d say perfection ‘d be so hollow

Τry to define “Good enough” , it’s such a tricky process
dining in fancy restaurants, driving impressive cars
meaning something to the eyes of plain strangers
or laying next to your own special person at night

Βut reality is dull
and drifting in the roads at night
staring up the skies I bethink

Now we’re walking the same streets
but steps don’t seem to follow
same desired lives, Good enough

hold your ground
in an awkward laugh, or so
life’s good enough you know
you’re lost and found around

…and good enough seems fine

6. Reflection

In the cool endless blue
From the surface come through
Behind the mirror

Passing by changed it all
It’s the knowledge’s toll
to see the truth clearer

Healing waters
Flow clear and serene
by your soft discreet passing
on the ground , flowers bloom and
life prevails

first sun rays fall on skin
caressing like a sin
of a hot sleazy summer

opens up in soft wings
distant sounds of strong winds
welcoming the newcomer

Transforming the grief
Into words that one feels directly to the heart
Preserving the meaning of life
For tomorrow’s newborn hopeful light

7. Healing Transformations


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Healing Transformations

Release Date : November 22, 2022
Artists : 2islander, Dionisis Maratos, Dora PJ
Genres : Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Format : CD, Digital Download

All Music and Lyrics by Dionysios Maratos
Guitars & bass : Dionysios Maratos (2islander)
Vocals : Dora Papayannaki (Dora PJ) , Dionysios Maratos
Drums on “Run again” , “Seize the night” and “Good enough”: Vassilis Koutsobinas
Drums on “Sweet terrarium” , “Leap of faith” “Reflection” & “Healing”: Dionysios Maratos
Assisting backing vocals on “Good enough” by Spiros Papadimitropoulos

Sound Engineering : Sakis Bastas @ Noisebox Studio
Produced by Sakis Bastas & Dionysios Maratos

Official Audio Release | MELON MUSIC