Born in Athens, she attended a French school, studied French Philology at the Kapodistrian University and she is fluent in French, English, Italian and Chinese as well as a basic knowledge of German. From 1995 to 2001 she lived in Brussels, where, alongside her work, she completed Master’s studies in International Relations and European Studies and began to study classical singing with the soprano Evelyne Bohen, a graduate of the State Conservatory of Brussels. At the same time she took lessons in classical and modern dance. Her voice slowly developed into a soprano lirico leggero. In 2002 she returned to Athens where she took lessons from Lena Gigante, a graduate of the Scala School in Milan. She also experimented with the oriental style of singing.

In 2003 Penelope moved to Rome, where she stayed until July 2007. She took lessons from Giuliana Valente, professor at the State Conservatory of Salerno and in order to expand her singing technique in pop music, she attended the “Saint Louis College of Music “. In 2006 her passion for Musicals led her to take theater and dance lessons taught by famous Italian performers such as Chiara Noschese and Maria Laura Baccarini. In December 2006, she presented for the first time ballads from the -still unreleased at the time- LP of “Ballads”, in the group performance of many artists, “Colora una vita” (“Color life”) at the Teatro Greco in Rome.

In June 2007, she completed her LP “Ballads” with unreleased pieces, for which she wrote the lyrics herself in various languages to music by Enzo De Rosa, soloist performer and composer-arranger of soundtracks for theater and cinema. In this LP, Penelope and Enzo crossed their musical experiences in a common melodic path, where Neapolitan music combines with modern rhythms and classical harmonies.

In September 2007 she returned to Athens, where, after studying at the Delphic Conservatory, she obtained a degree in monody theory and appeared in a series of live performances in piano-bar scenes, singing an international repertoire of ballads and jazz. She worked closely with the pianists Danai Kostakiotis and Marios Kazas. Accompanied by Marios, Penelope performed Neapolitan songs and melodies by Nicola Piovani in June 2008 at the “Thyra Technis” Theater. In addition, in June 2009 they participated in the Fringe Festival of Athens with Neapolitan songs and songs from Lower Italy and at the same time they held a musical evening at the center of Italian language and culture in Athens, “Dante Alighieri”. In addition, they performed live gigs with French repertoire in various music scenes. At the same time, in collaboration with Danae Kostakiotis, Penelope often appeared in music stages and bars performing ballads from an international repertoire and – among other things – in December 2009 they appeared under the auspices of the Italian Embassy at the Christmas celebration of the Italian School.

In August 2010 Penelope took part in the multi-artist group show at the Tarquinia Festival near Rome, where she performed ballads from her LP as well as some pop pieces.

In September 2010, in order to learn Chinese Mandarin, she moved to Beijing, where she studied at Peking Foreign Languages University and at the same time started collaborating with Chinese musicians. She first formed a Jazz band called KATIS Jazz Trio(卡提斯爵士) with pianist WangHuanTing and saxophonist ChenWeiQiang. She then collaborated with the classical pianist WangYan, performing ballads from the international repertoire as well as opera arias. With the above musicians, Penelope appeared in various music scenes-bars of Beijing, including “Camus”, “Sunday” Bistrot, and “C private Club”.

In January 2012, Penelope participated in the Chinese New Year Show broadcast by Beijing TV, where she sang a lyrical piece in Chinese.

Alongside her artistic activity, Penelope in Beijing and Shanghai took classes in Jazz – Contemporary – LA Lyrical and Broadway Musical dance in two well-known schools in Beijing, Pussycat in the Soho district and Nu Skool Entertainment, where she studied entire choreographies. In order to get a taste of the Chinese musical world, Penelope participated in a Workshop for Musicals in the Chinese language at Peking University organized in May 2012, which included dance, singing and acting classes taught by prominent professors from Chinese universities as well as from the Americas, among others Dr. Cindy Zuo Xin Wang – Vice President of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Canadian Anne Harley, professor at SCRIPPS College of Music in Los Angeles.

Finally, Penelope had a brief appearance as an actress in a scene in Jackie Chan’s film “Chinese zodiac”, produced in 2012.

Since 2016, when she returned to Greece, Penelope has given musical evenings at Didotou’s Bar in Athens with Italian, French and Chinese repertoire and has participated in various events of the Chinese embassy and the Chinese Educational Institute CONFUCIUS.

Along with singing, she continued dancing by taking Musical choreography and Lyrical Jazz lessons with Wendy Gibbins at the acting school of Nikos Katis in Psiri, then with Sia Koskina at the PMTP Musical School in N. Heraklion and finally at the Streetshadows dance school in Gazi, where since 2017 she has been attending Musical and Lyrical Jazz classes with Niki Melemeni. She participated in the School’s dance performance at the ARGO theater in July 2017.

In August 2017 she attended a one-week Musical Dancing workshop at the Pineapple School in Covent Garden in London and at the end of the workshop she participated in the dance performance at the Logan Hall Theatre.