2islander is a project of Dionisis Maratos that was born in the time of the pandemic, in a need to express thoughts and stories that needed more immediacy and self-exposure. So a persona – a storyteller was adopted to compensate the introverted scientist with metal sounds and classical origins.
The autobiographical “Chronicle of a touch” is released in the midst of pandemic confinement, recorded in a secluded basement with makeshift equipment, and thus quietly debuts. The sound of the disc is representative of the lyrical content: direct, atmospheric, strongly reminiscent of something from the past, while according to the composer it is an ideal soundtrack to the book “The Chronicle of Love” by Alain de Botton.
The second album entitled “Healing transformations” revolves thematically around healing and regeneration after fall and loss. Inevitably optimistic as post-pandemic everyday life demands, sometimes allegorical but also quite human-centric lyrically. The need for an expressive performer was met by Dora PJ who fused her blues / soul roots with alternative / indie rock, resulting in a beautifully sculpted sonic journey.
The album “Healing Transformations” was released on November 22 by Melon Music

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