Dina Papaioannou lives in Thessaloniki. A genuine, authentic popular voice, without “vocals tricks” as characteristically mentioned by Yiannis Zouganelis, who was the producer and the instigator for her “entry” in the discography, giving her his wonderful songs.

Her long-term collaboration with Yiannis Spanos, whose songs she performs on her CDs, is a milestone for her. The great composer describes her as a “great performer”, paying particular attention to the emotion and timbre of her voice. Result, the cd “simadia tou kairou… (signs of the times…)” where the song “NEVER AGAIN (POTE KSANA)” makes a dynamic reappearance with lyrics by Lefteris Papadopoulos.

Thanasis Polykandriotis and Filippos Grapsas sign the song “Love’s Circle (Tou erota o kiklos)” from the cd-single of the same title which went gold.

Following is the complete album entitled “In a fake World (Se kosmo pseftiko)” by Melon Music, with 12 songs (folk – artistic) that are already being heard on the radio stations.

On her next album (Cd) entitled “celebration clothes (roucha giortis)” Christos Nikolopoulos and Filippos Grafsas, sign three wonderful songs, as well as a wonderful duet with Costas Bigalis.

Another powerful moment was the album entitled “GREAT SONGS (MEGALA TRAGOUDIA)” which was released by Melon Music and distributed by Eleftheros Tipos and went platinum.

Two singles on digital platforms follow, “With a kiss¬† (Me ena fili)” & “Even God listens to Mitropanos (Kai o Theos akouei Mitropano” again with Melon Music in 2022.

Rock Ballads, Zeibekika, Folk songs, compose the artistic career of Dina Papaioannou.

Unique collaboration also with Mimi Plessas, and on stage with Pizza Papadopoulou, Eleni Vitali, Litsa Diamantis, Kate Gray, Eleni Dimou, Sofia Vossou, Yiannis Savvidakis, A. Hatzis, Costas Tournas, Stamatis Kokotas and many more artists.

(Dina Papaioannou, in addition to lyrics in some of her songs, also writes three poetry collections “Slightly Salted Water”, “With the wings of youth” and “In half light”. Next is the story entitled “And the angels come at night”, a mini theater “One stop here”, while the book “Window with a view” is expected)



1. GOLD CD single titled “LOVE’S CIRCLE”


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ki o Theos akouei Mitropano


me ena fili

Dina Papaioannou


Thessaloniki, GR