Sarantis Saleas was born in Patras and grew up in Athens. He is a member of a musical family, since his father Nikos, his uncle Vassilis and also his grandfather Kostas were great clarinetists and then his brother, the only clarinet soloist Vassilis Saleas. From the age of 11 he started playing music, specifically with keyboards. At the age of 13, he started working as a musician in various nightclubs and at the age of 16, he began his recording career at Columbia studios. At the same time, he studies at the “Stavros Pallias” Conservatory to perfect his musical education.

His collaborations with the biggest names of his time make him stand out and be called the greatest Greek keyboard soloist.

He has written music for songs by T.Voskopoulos, D.Savvopoulos, A.Vardi, Antipa and many more songs which he performed himself

In addition to the Folk Centers, he has performed at the London Concert Hall, Istanbul, at foreign music festivals, Melbourne, Sydney, Munich, Sweden, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Israel, Tirana, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles , Detroit, Texas, Baltimore, New Jersey, etc.